Sightseeing Tour - the Kremlin, St Sophia Cathedral, Yaroslavs court

Novgorod Kremlin - is the core of the ancient city. The excursion comprises a walk inside the Kremlin, visiting St Sophia Cathedral - theoldest church in the Russian Federation (mid 11th century), sightseeing (outside) of the citadel towers and walls of the 15th century, Belfry with ancient bronze bells and the famous Monument to the Millennium of Russiadedicated  to the outstanding figures of the Russian 1000-year-history. A wonderful view of Novgorod landscape opens from the foot-Bridge across the river Volkhov.

St George Monastery (Yuryevo) and the Museum of Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsy"

Yuryevo is a picturesque area in the southern suburb of Novgorod on the shore of LakeIlmen (20 minutes by bus). One of the oldest Russian monasteries - St George monastery - was founded here in the 11thcentury. In 1994 the monastery became functioning again. You can visit St George cathedral (history itself!) The-dating back to 1119, get a nice view of Rurik´s Fort on the opposite bank former settlement inhabited inthe 9th century by the Vikings with the legendary chieftain Rurik at the head. At the Museum of Wooden Architecture Vitoslavlitsy you will see old wooden constructions including Russian peasant houses and wooden churches of the 16-19th centuries.

Novgorod Museum of History and Art

The museum is in the former administrative building of the 18th century in the center of the Kremlin. It has two sections - Archeology and Icons. The unique finds from the archeological excavations in Novgorod are exhibited on the ground floor. The first floor is occupied by the exquisite Novgorod Icons of the 11th - 19th centuries. The Novgorod collection of icons is one of the best in this country

The Faceted Chamber

The Bishop Chamber of the bishop Court in the Kremlin is traditionally called the Faceted Chamber. It was built by the German architects in 1433. Today it houses the Exposition of Decorative and Applied Arts of the 11th-19th c.c.  Silver and golden articles from Novgorod churches and monasteries  are displayed there - church chalices, crosses, medallions decorated with precious stones and enamels, silver book covers, mitres and many others.

Frescoes of Theophanes the Greek in the Church of Our Savior´s Transfiguration in Ilyina Street

The church is located in Ilyina Street not far from Yaroslav´s Court. You will preserved mural compositions of the-get a unique opportunity to seewell renowned medieval artist Theophanes the Greek who came to Novgorod from Bysantium in 1378 and decorated the church with the frescoes of a very expressive character.

Nikolo-Vyazhischy Monastery

On your visit to the monastery, which is now a nunnery, you can admire the beautiful architectural ensemble of the monuments of 17th - 18th c.c., including the cathedral of St Nicholas linked by a covered passage to the church of St John the Baptist, which is richly decorated with the high-relief, multi-coloured tiles. Guests can go inside the Church of St Euphimius II - the Archbishop of Novgorod, a miracle-worker, who was canonized in 1549 and whose holy relics are kept in this church. In 1990 the monastery became a functioning one. You´ll be warmly welcomed by the nuns, who will tell you about the history of the monastery and it´s every day life. 

Khoutyn Monastery of Our Saviour´s Transfiguration 

The convent is located 8 km north of Novgorod. Founded by the monk Varlaam in 1192, it is a good example of how life in the functioning Russian monastery runs. The monastery is located in a picturesque place on the bank of the river Volkhov. You can visit impressive Transfiguration Cathedral (1515) and climb up the Mound of Varlaam raised, according to the legend, by the saint himself.

Program in the Regional Center of Folk Arts

The Centre is located 500 m from the “Intourist” hotel, on the territory of the former Nikolo-Belsky monastery. Its buildings nowadays house expositions of traditional Russian costume, birch-bark and weaving crafts. A special programme can be arranged with an offering of bread and salt, greeting songs, round dances, and tea-drinking. Tourists can take part in folk dances and games. 

Trip to the town of Staraya Russa (99 km from Novgorod) 

Staraya Russa is a town with its own unique history. The program includes visits to the Transfiguration Monastery of the 12th c., which today houses the Picture Gallery and the Museum of Archeology, Memorial House - Museum of Fyodor Dostoyevsky where the nGreat Russian writer used to live and where he wrote “The Brothers Karamazov” novel. Besides, Staraya Russa is famous for its mineral springs and mud baths at the well-known resort “Staraya Russa”.