Abbey Road Pub

The sleepy west-central area of St. Pete didn´t know what hit it when seasoned pub owner Brian Winstanley marched in and set up shop with a motley crew of barmaids and bouncers toting Janis Joplin posters and Led Zeppelin tunes. Who would have thought the once mellow neighborhood would become home to Abbey Road Pub, one of the coolest rock havens in the scene? In the tradition of cool rock dives, Abbey Road is armed with all the best beer on tap and a friendly, music-loving staff. Everything from feisty rock to hippy grooves can be found here in this St. Petersburg bar, either in the form of an awesome jukebox or a live performance. Live music every night provides ample opportunities to hear the best of local artists while enjoying a beer or two (or seven), and the pool table and golf video game allow for hours of tipsy entertainment. 974 58th Street North, St. Petersburg


One of the most fashionable clubs of Saint Petersburg, the Aquatoria offers its guests the variety of entertainments. On the vast territory (2,500 square meters) the club occupies one is sure to find 6 bars, bowling, billiards, casino, restaurant and disco. For the quests´ convenience in front of the club there is a free parking spot. The interior of the club is quite unusual: near the entrance guests see a pay desk shaped as a submarine cabin breaking through the ice. Hanging bridges lead to the dancing hall. Metal constructions and ultra-violet lights give an impression of an unreal liner with a mobile dance floor and the stage in the middle. The dancing hall regularly plays host to various fashion shows, trendy parties, bright show-programs and live concerts of Russian and foreign stars. The music played includes Euro dance, Latino, disco and classic club music as well as hits of Russian popular music. Vyborgskaya Emb., 61

American Stage

This outlet hosts half-dozen musical and theatrical performances throughout the year at its main stage. It also produces American Stage in the Park, an annual outdoor theatrical performance. American Stage has entered into a partnership with St. Petersburg College and is now performs in a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg facing Williams Park called the Raymond James Theatre. 211 3rd St. S., St. Petersburg.

A Taste for Wine

Voted St. Petersburg´s Most Romantic Bar, A Taste For Wine is an upscale lounge featuring gourmet appetizers and a host of Bacchanalian delights. A formidable Mecca for wine lovers, professionals and connoisseurs alike tend to gather here for mild socializing and savouring the seductive flavours of vintages from all over the world. This St. Petersburg wine bar is posh and elegant in every way, from the polished walnut furnishings to the original artwork to the stunning granite bar. The New Orleans-style balcony provides a tranquil respite on a hot day where you can relax with a crisp Pinot Grigio while watching St. Pete go by. If music is the entertainment of choice; head to A Taste For Wine on a Friday night to enjoy your favourite, lusty red while letting your soul get intoxicated by rich Jazz performers. For anyone who loves the scene but isn´t a fan of the vine, A Taste For Wine also features a robust selection of beer, ales and microbrews, as well as a few original non-alcoholic creations. 241 Central Ave., St. Petersburg

Banana Boat Bayside

If there´s anything better than listening to Jimmy Buffett while wearing flip-flops at a beachfront bar, we don´t know about it...or, at least we stopped searching once we found Banana Boat Bayside. Seriously, if your beer doesn´t need to come from a tap and you don´t mind the smell of the ocean mixed with tanning oil, then this St. Pete beachfront bar is the place to be. A majority of Banana Boat Bayside´s customers seem satisfied with the bottled selection of beer, but there´s always room to ask the bartender for a margarita or some other coconut, beach-y drink. Folks who are trying to cushion their belly for the incoming alcohol can chow down on the standard bar grub, such as fries, wings, jalapeno poppers and the battered and fried fresh catch of the day. Hanging out at Banana´s is like hanging out at home, but better. 13090 Gandy Blvd. N., St. Petersburg

Blue Jeans Bar

This place is Cheers in drag. If anyone is looking for a place to go where they´ll instantly feel like family, Blue Jeans Bar is it. It´s no wonder that owner Billy Barfield (yes, the ex-professional wrestler) opened this super friendly St. Pete bar with the commitment to making a home away from home for every gay, straight, bi or just-plain-confused little soul. After all, it couldn´t have been all that easy growing up a Southern Jewish gay redneck who´s wrestling skills landed him in the straight-male-soap-opera world of professional wrestling. Boasting the title of the Little Bar with a Big Heart, Blue Jeans Bar sets the scene perfectly for a fun night for just about anyone. Catch an amazing drag show while chewing down on delicious Buffalo wings, or see how many beers it takes you to muster up the courage to join in on karaoke. 10387 Gandy Blvd., St. Petersburg

Brandy´s Lounge

Everyone from locals on foot to leather-clad folks on Harleys seems to agree that Brandy´s Lounge just plain rocks. It´s one of those bars where, when you want to go out and don´t know what to do, you start out here. Trouble is, once you saunter into Brandy´s, you´ll wind up stumbling out much later than you´d planned. This gritty neighbourhood bar has a way of luring everyone in and convincing them to stay, which most likely has something to do with the hot, friendly bartenders and dangerously tasty cocktails. In addition to a good selection of brews, Brandy´s seems to have a little something for everyone on tap. Pool tournaments, Karaoke, Texas Holdem and live bands all have a night devoted to them at this St. Petersburg pub, and Born To Ride magazine calls Brandy´s home to the weekly Bike Night, which draws a fun batch of bikers from all over the city. 7220 4th Street North, St. Petersburg

Brixx Bar and Grill

Whether seeking a cozy nook under amber lights or a hip spot to show off Salsa moves on the dance floor, Brixx Bar & Grill is a great place to go. From 11am on, this St. Petersburg B&G serves up everything from Guinness to Manhattan´s along side a killer menu of American pub fare with unique Latin twists. Chase a brick-oven pizza with a homemade dessert, or simply grab a knockdown margarita and hit the dance floor on a Saturday night for the best of old-school salsa, merengue and bachata. Brixx Bar and Grill has no shortage of eye candy either. Air Force members from the local base find this to be one of their favourite haunts, making it an even better destination for singles—c´mon, we all know that the Air Force is just hot! Everyone should feel free to turn up the heat on steamy Florida nights at this St. Pete hotspot. 9047 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St., St. Petersburg

Budweiser Brew House

Sports fans officially have it all. Tropicana Stadium is home to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, about 300 concessions options and the Budweiser Brew House. The pre and post game radio shows for all broadcasts originate from this St. Petersburg staple that serves select Bud microbrews and baseball on tap. Since it´s the prime spot to be the two hours before and after the game and they broadcast on high-def TVs that put bullpen seats to shame, anyone who can actually manage to schlep themselves off their cushy barstool and make it to the stadium seating gets points for being a true sports fan. For everyone else, though, the Budweiser Brew House is the ideal spot to watch for home runs and basic baseball hoorah. On the plus side, the only foul that might pop up and hit you in the head here comes from the drunk, over-zealous fan in the corner who throws his glass in the air to celebrate. In general, the vibe of this joint is focused on a mutual love for beer and baseball, and the angriest words you´ll ever hear are, "what kind of moron pitches like th...darn, I spilled my beer. Bartender!" 1 Tropicana Drive, St. Petersburg

Captain Al´s Grill & Bar

Captain Al´s is one of St. Pete´s most beloved beachfront bars, for every reason that one would love a beachfront bar. Everything about this place makes you want to spend the rest of your life sitting on a beach wearing flip-flops and drinking rum from a coconut. The massive outdoor tiki bar sits just off the waters edge and serves everything from standard draft beers such as Bud, Amberbock and Miller to tropical staples like mai tais and mind-altering pina colodas. The Captain´s Grill menu offers a satisfying mix of traditional American pub fare and selections from the sea. Mozzarella sticks, Buffalo wings and burgers are some of the basics for anyone seeking the same old thing, and mahi mahi, conch fritters and gulf grouper are there for anyone who actually wants to behave like they´re at a beachfront bar in Florida. 800 2nd Ave. NE, #25, St. Petersburg

Cadillac Jack´s

This bar´s specialty is martinis, and the menu sports more than two dozen varieties. It is also a restaurant, offering mainly gourmet appetizers. Thursday-Sunday from 4 pm. Live music starts at 9:30 pm. 6100 Gulf Blvd.(inside Howard Johnson´s), St. Petersburg.

Central Cigars

Indulge in a fine cigar while sipping cognac on a leather couch in the Havana Room. Free Wi-Fi service. Monday-Thursday 10 am -midnight, Friday and Saturday 10 am-2 am. 273 Central Ave., St. Petersburg.

Cha Cha Coconuts

Perched five stories above TampaBay at the top of the St. Petersburg Pier, Cha Cha Coconuts offer the best view in downtown St. Pete. Whether with family or friends, hanging out on the massive deck over crystal blue waters is bound to put anyone in a good mood. Cha Cha´s serves up a variety of tasty cuisine, from American favourites to a Bahamian inspired spread of goodies. During the day, this St. Pete beachfront bar is a popular place to relax amid faux tropical décor and take in some sun; but, come nighttimes, Cha Cha´s becomes a hip, sparkling beacon above jet-black waters awash with locals and tourists alike. The prices are a little steeper here than most places, but succulent ribs and mind-boggling cocktails make it worth the visit. 800 2nd Ave NE, St. Petersburg

ChiQ Bar

Without a doubt one of St. Pete´s hottest lesbian nightclubs, ChiQ is a dream destination for anyone in the alternative lifestyle. At a stunning, elegantly decorated 7,000 square feet, ChiQ offers a little bit of something for everyone. The main room boasts a huge dance floor with staggeringly sexy go go dancers performing three nights out of the week, and the second full room is decked out with cushy couches and a full stage for live music performances. Outside, a fire pit sizzles all night long and offers a great place for chatting with friends over dynamite cocktails. Once you´ve been to this idyllic St. Petersburg lesbian club, you´ll have a hard time leaving. ChiQ is home to some of the best live women´s acts around, as well as burlesque shows, stand-up comedy performances, spoken poetry nights and fundraisers. 4900 66th St. North, St. Petersburg


This place rocks the free world! On Dumskaya. A few cautions are in order before planning for a "rocking time. Datscha is very small, has no dance floor and is more of a kid´s hangout-bar than a club or pub.  Primarily a meeting place for foreign students and teens it is a friendly environment, if you arrive early enough to find a place to sit. You will notice about half the patrons are standing on a the front walkway to avoid the smoke and lack of ventilation.  Dacha has become a bit of a legend in its short life among students travelling in other countries and in hostels.  As a result it is too popular for the facilities.  Immediately upstairs is another club with dancing, about twice the size of Datscha which has a similar atmosphere, low priced drinks and casualness so the "2nd Floor" as it is called would be an option if a visitor can´t find room downstairs. The strong points of both clubs: Low prices, very casual which is a plus for foreign students (locals prefer more style in dress and decor), central location near Gostinny Dvor shopping centre in the very heart of the historic section of the city, and DJs with interesting musical tastes. Weak points: very crowded, smokey, limited space and seating. Dumskaya ul. #9

Dino´s Jazz Piano Bar & Grille

Classy, sassy and full of stylish attitude, Dino´s Jazz Piano Bar & Grille is the perfect location for just about everything, from world-class music to delicious pub-style food. Located in the historic Detroit Hotel in downtown St. Petersburg, the flawlessly renovated building sizzles with New York features like lofty ceilings and brick architecture. The salacious soul grooves of Jazz and R&B flow as fast as beer on tap, and add that much needed touch of class to anyone´s night. This St. Petersburg bar offers a variety of entertainers every night mixed in with weekly and monthly events that can satisfy any nightlife craving. Slide into a cosy booth and sip a rich pint of ale, or grab a seat at the lamp lit bar and savour a Key Lime Martini. If traditional beers and cocktails aren´t your style, the hearty wine list leaves little to be requested. 16 2nd Street North, St. Petersburg

Ferg´s Sports Bar

Sports fans unite! Happily pouring beer and baseball to everyone from twenty-somethings to grandmas, Ferg´s is a St. Petersburg institution. Located just across the street from Tropicana Field, Ferg´s is one of the hotspots for anyone looking to have a glass of ice-cold team spirit before the game while ogling the wall of fame dedicated to the Devil Rays. Friendly bartenders gently nurse post losing-game woes with buckets (yes, buckets) of beer, and winning-games pack the bar with the wildest of drunken, celebratory crowds. If you need some food to bear the drink, order up a greasy burger or Philly cheesesteak, or just stick with the favorite bar staple: buffalo wings. 1320 Central Ave., St. Petersburg.

Fish Fabrique

Fish Fabrique is a cafe-club at the heart of the city´s artist´s colony. Openings: Thurs-Sat 17:00-6:00 Pushkinskaya ul. 10 (Mayakovskogo metro)

Fortunato´s After Dark

Located next to Fortunato´s Restaurant, After Dark is a cool, almost seductive little lair that is home to some of the best varieties of beer in St. Pete. Since it´s inception, After Dark has been drawing a wide clientele, everything from beer aficionados to college students to corporate folks. Random installations of live music acts spice up the atmosphere a bit, but the best part about After Dark is the after-10pm buffet. By virtue of sitting next to one of the best pizza joints in St. Petersburg, Fortunato´s Restaurant, After Dark is able to pamper the late night crowd with a free buffet of Fortunato´s pizza, lasagna and a variety of Italian-American treats. The selection of beer leaves little to be asked for; ancillary brews from Canada, England, Scotland, Poland and Italy are mixed in with US Craft brews and a hefty selection of bottles from Germany and Belgium. Non-beer folk will find that they aren´t forgotten, though, since Fortunato´s After Dark also has a fairly impressive wine list. 263 Central Ave. North, St. Petersburg


Griboedov is one of the coolest dance clubs in the city situated in a bomb shelter. Opening: Thurs-Sund 17:00-06:00 Voronezhskaya ul. 2a (Ligovskiy Prospekt metro)

Hollywood Nites

Generally regarded as one of Saint Petersburg´s most popular night venues, the Hollywood Nites club boasts favourable location on Nevsky Prospect just opposite the Gostinny Dvor metro station. But the exceptional location is not the only reason of the immense popularity of this club that was opened in 1997. Stylish interiors, excellent cuisine, the variety of entertainments catering to all tastes, interesting evening programs, friendly and attentive service and reasonable prices make the Hollywood Nites a good choice for a fun-filled weekend bash. The club is quite large and comprises a concert hall, a disco, a casino and a restaurant. The brightest and the most exciting programs are naturally held at the weekends, when one can hang out to the full. The club regularly plays host to live concerts of popular Russian and foreign singers, fashion shows, body building championships and other events that are worth visiting. Nevsky Pr., 46

House of Compousers´ concert hall.

Classical music concerts at an elegant 18-century mansion, which´s worth visiting even just to see the building. Built by Augusto de Montferrand. Open: 12:00 – 18:00
Bolshaya Morskaya str. 45


Relaxed vegetarian bar with books and boardgames. Openings: 12:00-24:00 nab.reki Moyki 82 (trolleybus no.5 /no.22 from Nevskiy prospekt)

Jannus Landing

This popular live-music venue is usually busy year-round and focuses on contemporary rock, folk and alt-country. Located along the downtownwaterfront. No reserved seating. 16 Second St N., St. Petersburg

JFC Jazz Club

JFC Jazz Club is a tradition in St Petersburg being the most serious venue for serious jazz.  A small club with capacity of 100 patrons, JFC is well attended by the city´s jazz fans and musicians, with a quality sound system, friendly staff and low ticket prices.  Nightly concerts start at 8:00 and end before 11:00 due to its location in a residential courtyard. Styles include modern, progressive, Latin, Spanish and bebop jazz, blues and and acoustic folk or classical.  Their reputation is well deserved in staging the finest acts coming to or residing in St Petersburg in these styles. Reservations are strongly suggested for assurance of getting a table, since even mid week nights are standing room only.  Tickets range from $5 to 10 depending on the act, most being at the lower end of that range.   Reservation phone is answered after 3pm. Food is limited to bar snacks such as chips or nuts but there is full bar service. Closing time 11pm Shpalernaya ul.33 (Chernyshvskaya metro)

Kahuna´s Bar & Grill

If the Skipper, Ginger and Mary Ann ever got off that darned island and needed a place to hang out to avoid culture shock, Kahuna´s would be it. In every way a tacky tiki beach shack, this St. Petersburg Bar & Grill is impossible not to love, hence its popularity among, well, everyone! The yummy, but light, pub fare does well for most cases of the munchies, but does little to nothing for arming the stomach against the ubiquitous island cocktails that dangerously taste more and more like juice every time and are easier to swallow than Viagra on a desperate night. When you add beach volleyball tournaments and drunken hula-hoop contests into this equation, it becomes clear that anyone planning to spend their night kickin´ it island-style at Kahuna´s Bar & Grill should go ahead and politely shoo all aspirations of responsibility and humility out the window. Surprisingly, it´s not the geeks playing video games, the fat guy with the tiny ukulele or the ridiculous Hawaiian print shirt wearing folks here that stick out like sore thumbs, it´s anyone who has the inane sense to show up wearing anything other than board shorts, tee shirts and flip flops. 10515 Gandy Blvd. St. Petersburg

Limey´s Pub

More packed than a Chelsea vs. Manchester game just about every night of the week, Limey´s is a quintessential English pub that´s impossible to stay away from. Happily seated in the bustling heart of old St. Pete, this rocking´ pub serves up some of the best imported beers from around Europe, a decent selection of bottled domestics and just about every liquor needed to cultivate giddy states of drunkenness. Smart folks who know that alcohol on an empty stomach is a bad idea will love Limey´s menu, which offers everything from American fare standards like burgers, chicken and cheese fries to true English pub grub like bangers & mash, scotch eggs and some mouth-watering combination of Guinness and meat. Hands down, the coolest part about Limey´s Pub is the layout. The massive bar sits smack dab in the middle of the place, half inside and half outside, thanks to giant sliding door decked out in sparkling lights. The patio itself wraps around three-quarters of the bar, offering one of the best outdoor drinking spots in town. If that´s not enough, there´s also a playground! Yes, one can actually drink a tremendous amount of tasty beer and go down a slide. Who knew your inner five-year-old was a lush? 1492 Fourth St. N., St. Petersburg.

Mahaffey Theater

This 2,030-seat venue offers orchestra performances, Broadway shows and top musical acts. Box office opens two hours before a performance. 400 First St. S., St. Petersburg.

Maltese Capella

A hidden treasure, this was once the principal temple of the Maltese Knights, when Russian Emperor Paul I was their Grand Master. Concerts of organ music held here is your only chance to see the building, located on the premises of the SuvorovCadetSchool. Open: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri. 10:00 – 13:00 & Sat. 19:00 – 21:00
Sadovaya str. 26

Maly Drama Theatre (MDT)

A nice traditional theatre with classic repertoire. Some St. Petersburgers say it´s the best drama theater in the city.
Ulitsa Rubinshteina , #18

Marchand´s Bar at the Vinoy

Located in the stunning Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club, Marchan´s Bar is a sweeping tribute to elegance, style and grace. Classic architecture and beautiful interior design enhance the distinct silk stocking atmosphere, but no one needs to bust out their Prada and Gucci to show up here. Whether you´re stopping through wearing jeans or you´re fresh off the golf course and looking a dishevelled, wind-blown mess, you will still receive the VIP treatment from the professional and attentive staff. The best part about Marchand´s Bar is the live jazz every weekend. Sultry notes are belted out by some of the best jazz performers around, but the volume is perfectly set so you can have a conversation with the person next to you. This St. Petersburg lounge also offers a full, first-class menu and a dynamite selection of cocktails. 501 5th Ave., NE, St. Petersburg

Mariinsky Theatre

Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theatre, which was opened in 1783, is one of the best theatres in the world. There has been a great competition for several centuries already between this theatre and Moscow Bolshoy Theatre. These are the main theatres of Russia but no one can decide which is the main theatre in Russia. For the last years there´s been some problems in Bolshoy, so Mariinsky is the champion, not for long, I guess. Mariinsky is the best and the most popular theatre in the city, so it can be hard to buy tickets, but there are many tourist agencies and hotel services which provide the tickets. Performances don´t take part in September, the troupe is on holidays. There are 1625 sits in this theatre.
Teatralnaya Ploschad, #1

Martini Bar

Nothing is sexier than beautiful bartenders serving up to-die-for martinis to glitterati donning haute couture. Serving up a variety of unique cocktails, Martini Bar is everything that the name suggests. In the tradition of true martinis, it only takes one or two from this St. Pete lounge to make everything seem a little hazy, especially if you try the Braziliantini, which, with six different types of alcohol, is like an upscale, fruity version of a Long Island Iced Tea. The stunning interior of this posh nightclub gives way to a heavenly balcony, and live jazz bands give people a chance to show off their best dance moves. When looking for a fun Florida night filled with the glitz and glam of Hollywood and the class and sass of Manhattan, what could be better than sitting outside at a marble bar sipping martinis with names like The Big Easy, Godiva and the Flirt? 131 2nd Ave. North, St. Petersburg

Mastry´s Bar & Grill

Mastry´s is a laid back blue-collar slice of heaven. Despite being located smack in the middle of the glitz and glam of boutique-y Central Avenue, this little hideout is simple, welcoming and spiced up with just a hint of grit. Everything that was loved about Cheers or other bars of that genre is flawlessly recreated in Mastry´s. Easy-going, beer-swilling patrons know your name, the bartender knows your drink and simple conversation is a mainstay. If all bars could be like Mastry´s, no one would be without a place to go every night of the week. Ice-cold beer is dirt-cheap and it´s no secret that the drinks here are stiff. But don´t worry, even if you´re on the wagon, this St. Petersburg dive bar is the place to grab a coke and meet new friends. 233 Central Ave., St. Petersburg


This is the place to be if you want to meet nice girls and boys in the ages 18-24. 3 floors with international music, Russian and techno along with some different bars and a karaoke bar. Metro is very large but even its size is not enough for some Friday or Saturday nights when several thousand more patron crowd into every available space.  The decor is creatively post-industrial and must have represented millions of dollars in construction and decorating. When it is not too crowded to get to the dance floors, it is a very lively, exciting place for mostly young people under 25 to gather, meet and dance.  The 3 dance floors each cater to a different style of music, each being as popular as the next. Entrance is a little over $10 and drinks are moderate to high. The emphasis is more towards style than the clubs intended for the international students and locals who have adopted western casualness so dress with a bit of flash and style to fit in or be noticed.  Compared to some city clubs the security is effective and polite, it is a safe place to spend a night dancing and meeting other similar aged visitors. Openings: 10pm to 6am Ligovskiy Prospekt 174 (Ligovskiy Prospekt metro)

Mimigranty Theatre 

The theatre was born in 1988. It´s emotional; touching plays convey human feelings through grotesque pantomime and clownery. Besides their home stage, they often perform at circuses and sometimes on the street.
Rizhsky prospect, #23


Moloko is a small rock club especially favourite among students. Openings: Fri-Sat 19:00-23:00 Perekupnoy per. 12 (Poshchad Alexsandra Nevskogo metro)

Music Hall

This theatre is most interesting for the festivals that it hosts occasionally, although it´s most often hit or miss in terms of quality. Also, perhaps it´s the only place in St. Petesburg where you can see butoh dance and the famous Russian Derevo dance theatre company performs here.The theatre also has its own repertoire. There are three areas: the main hall, comedy-hall, and cafe "Velvet". Alexandov park, #4.

Mussorgsky Theatre 

Mussorgosky Theatre was opened in 1918 as a part of Mariinski theatre, but became independent in 1990. Now Mussorgsky Opera and Ballet Theatre is number two in St. Petersburg. You can easily try Mussorgsky, if there are no tickets to the Mariinsky, but you still wish to find out what the famous Russian ballet or opera is. It has the same classic repertoire as Mariinsky, and the troupe is superior class also. There are 1151 seats in this theatre.
Ploschad Iskusstv 1

Old Northeast Tavern

Old Northeast is half gourmet lounge and half neighbourhood tavern in every sense of the word. Neighbourhood Tavern: About as relaxed as they come and filled with local faces, this is one of St. Pete´s best places for grabbing some amazing food, a cold drink, a game of darts and kicking back till 2am. There´s Gourmet Lounge: Off-setting the tavern atmosphere with a decidedly non-tavern-fare menu, the food at Northeast is as good as it gets. Appetizers like crab stuffed portabellas and ahi tuna sashimi give way to gourmet pizzas and mind-blowing sandwiches, such as the Prosciutto and artichoke panini, the tavern steak panini and the chicken cordon bleu sandwich. For the perfect accompaniment to the delicious fare, Old Northeast also has an impressive wine list, offering an enticing selection of California vintages as well as a few choice imports from Italy, France and Australia. 201 7th Ave. North, St. Petersburg

Oktiabrsky Concert Hall 

It is the largest concert hall in the city, so all the concerts of popular Russian and world stars are taking part here. Meanwhile the building needs redecoration and acoustic is bad, even worse. Concerts begin at 19.00. Sometimes balet.
Ligovsky Prospekt), 6.

The Palladium

This is a popular venue for visiting groups, from rock to jazz, chamber music to cabaret. No reserved seating. 253 Fifth Ave. N., St. Petersburg.


Widely regarded as one of the best night clubs of Saint Petersburg, the Plaza is situated on the Spit of Vasilievsky Island in the 19th century building that is a part of the most beautiful architectural ensembles of Saint Petersburg. The club was opened in 2000, and the same year it became the winner in the Best Night Club nomination of the Night Life Awards contest. The following year the Plaza was prized as the best night club of the city once again. The club is very popular among progressive youth: 600-800 people spend their time in the Plaza daily. The program is extremely versatile - there are live concerts of Russian and foreign stars (Boney M, Shaft, London Beat, Ottawan are just few to mention), fashion shows and all kind of thematic parties hosted by big name DJs, resident and guest. The music is mainly Euro dance and pop. Sound and light are of the highest quality. But the Plaza is not only a nightclub but also a stylish restaurant and a large casino working round the clock. The guests enjoy not only the splendid cuisine but also a picturesque view of Peter and Paul Fortress and Rostral columns that once served as leading lights for the ships coming to Saint Petersburg. The restaurant offers the best of world cuisine giving preference to Russian and European dishes. In the evening live music is played, concerts of Russian romances and bright shows are held regularly. Makarova Emb., 2


Port club has several dance halls and exhibitions. Openings: daily 15:00-6:00 per.Antonenko 2 (Sennaya Ploshchad metro, off St)


The ultra modern Purga Club, guarded by awesome creatures with the heads of hares and bodies of sphinxes, was opened just recently, but it has already become a very stylish night venue of Saint Petersburg. It is interesting that originally Purga was conceived as a bar where like in some fairy tale New Year would be celebrated every day, but the establishment turned to be so unusual that exceeded the bounds of the bar. The unique design of the club is an intricate mixture of the most queered new-year-industrial fantasies. The main character of the interior decoration is the Hare that is considered by the designers of the Purga to be the most New Year animal. Waiters and waitresses also wear costumes of hares. The visitors of the club are welcome to rest at tables separated from each other by special doors: it gives an impression of intimate isolation. At the same time the guests see everything that is going on around them. Every table has its own shape and style. The evening program presupposes celebrating New Year every night. To make it real there is a decorated Christmas tree, garlands, sparklers, champagne in midnight, happy faces of the guests and the lively atmosphere of a holiday. Dance floor of the Purga is not large enough to accommodate all those willing to dance to fashionable electronic music. The audience is quite extravagant - one can meat a girl wearing a wedding dress and Martin´s shoes or a young man in official suit, wearing red gym-shoes and red wig. Fontanka Emb., 1

Push Ultra Lounge

On the site of a historic fire house, this huge dance club heats up the nights in downtown St. Petersburg with a rooftop bar and garden patio. Drinks lean to boutique tequilas in a range of stylish margaritas. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton have been known to make appearances. 128 Third St. S., St. Petersburg.

Pushkin´s (Alexandriiski) Theatre

The Russian Academical Drama Theatre of A.S. Pushkin (Alexandriiski Theater) is one of the oldest in St. Petersburg, it dates back to 1756. Russian and foreign plays. There are 1378 seats. Ostrovskogo Square(Ploschad), 2.

Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory 

Built in 1783 on the orders of Katherine the Great, this is the oldest musical theatre in Russia. A grand edifice, reminding of the temples of ancient Greece. Regular shows featuring top stars of Russian classical music, opera and ballet.
Teatralnaya Ploschad , 3.

Ringside Café

A former boarding house and boxing club, Ringside Café is as much a St. Petersburg institution as it is a museum of blues and boxing. Between Lewis vs. Tyson fight posters, Neiman´s boxing lithographs, signed shots of Tommy Castro and Lucky Peterson and the standard bar array of neon beer guitar signs, little space is left on the walls of this two story venue. Though boxing may not be everyone´s favourite sport, Ringside is still one of the most popular bars in St. Pete. Almost every night, everyone from locals to tourists packs in here for the outstanding service, staggering cocktails and a monumental menu. Dishes like warm chicken mojo salad, Texas chili in a sourdough bread bowl, succulent ribs and stuffed shrimp are just the start of the killer food picks in Ringside, but as Stevie Ray Vaughn said, their pride and joy are the sweet potato curls. Though this place is regularly overflowing with patrons, the best part is that the service never changes. Come here enough, and, even on a busy night, the bartender will remember both your name and your drink of choice. 2742 4th St. North, St. Petersburg


Bistro bar with live music in the evenings Openings: Daily 23:00-01:00 Mikhalovskaya ul.1 (Nevskiy Prospekt metro)

Shostakovich Philharmonic Hall (Bolshoi Zal Filarmonii imeni Shostakovicha) 

Classical music. The acoustic is not best, the building was built like Dvoryanskoe sobranie (Nobles club), while the Philharmonic Hall was opened here only after the Revolution. Concerts start at 16.00 and 19.00.
Mikhailovskaya Ulitsa, 2


Atop The Hurricane restaurant, this open-air dance club draws crowds. There are happy-hour specials and occasional live performances. Wednesday-Sunday 5-11 pm. 807 Gulf Way, St. Pete Beach.

St. Petersburg LittleTheatre

Florida´s oldest continuously operating community theatre, Little Theatre presents up to six community productions per season, split fairly evenly between musicals, comedies and dramas. It´s usually crowd-pleasers such as Noises Off or Neil Simon´s Brighton Beach Memoirs. 4025 31st St. S., St. Petersburg.

Tavern at Bayboro

Located in the land of savants and college kids, Tavern at Bayboro is tucked into the St. Petersburg USF campus next to the college bookstore. Generally packed with students "studying" over beers, the Tavern feels like something you would find in crunchy hippie corner of California. Green-toking, granola munching bartenders serve every beer with the reminder that they are "saving the world one beer at a time," and there seems to be a constant supply of semi-political chats and bohemian rhapsodies floating about in a pea-soupy sort of conversation fog. The whimsically changing menu serves up some amazing sandwiches and awesome drinks, and pre-sunset guitar performances are the perfect dinner accompaniment before the crowd shifts into the collegiate beer-slamming kind. This is no place for solitude, but it is a surprisingly fun place to find the wacky world of university life colliding the with St. Petersburg bar scene. 121 7th Ave. South, St. Petersburg

The Chamber musical theatre St Petersburg Opera

Original repertoire of historical and modern operas, many of them not performed elsewhere in Russia, by Russian and international composers.
Open: 11:00 – 19:00

Galernaya str. 33

The Emerald Bar

Serving up intoxication like it´s going out of style, The Emerald Bar is an odd jumble of artsy-kitsch and blue-collar punk. There is an ongoing modern art exhibition that adorns the faux wood-panelled walls and, in place of gallery lights, is accented by vintage, faded green neon beer signs. A true local bar in every sense of the word, The Emerald happily plays host to just about everyone, hippies and bikers alike, and serves up fantastically cheap drinks to jukebox tunes like Social Distortion. At any given point, this hardcore local bar is the place to find the neighbourhood drunk giggling away at the pretty punk diva next to him who´s trying desperately to turn a deaf ear to a reminiscent Vietnam vet who can´t seem to stop telling war stories. 550 Central Ave., St. Petersburg

The Hideaway

Holding down the fort for all of lesbian-kind for over 38 years, The Hideaway is the oldest women´s bar in the country...But don´t worry guys, there´s no "Boy´s Keep Out!" sign out front. In fact, the Hideaway is most often praised for a "Cheers" style atmosphere, and the beautiful ladies behind the bar are happy to welcome anyone and everyone in for an ice cold beer seven nights a week. With a day dedicated to free pool, a day full of bar games like Bingo for Beer, a days featuring live music and a day entitled "Sink or Swim - $15 all you can drink", what more could anyone want from a bar? If you´re going to be stubborn about loving this place, then add in the facts that there are over 40 brews to choose from and that happy hour lasts for five hours each day. Really, does life get any better than this? Didn´t think so. 8312 4th St. North, St. Petersburg

The Independent

Beer, beer, and more beer. Beer lovers have found their utopia! The Independent is a world-class beer bar serving up brews from all over the world. When hanging out at this downtown St. Petersburg bar, it´s almost impossible to resist the temptation to try every beer they have. Note: anyone who truly attempts to accomplish this task in one night will be having their stomach pumped by morning; the list of incredible brews goes on for miles. For non-beer folk (a.k.a. blasphemers) who are being dragged out by a hops-addicted friend, The Independent also features a robust wine list. But, lets get back to the beer...For folks who are new to beer (a.k.a. ex-blasphemers), the staff is fully prepared to nurse you through every savory sip and help you find the brew that you can´t live without. 29 3rd Street North, St. Petersburg

The Rare Olive

A cushy nook in St. Pete´s party-central neighbourhood, it´s no wonder The Rare Olive is one of the most popular lounges around. Decked out with pop art a la Andy Warhol and rich hues of green, this mellow lair serves up laid-back vibes alongside an impressive list of drink selections, and almost every night offers the chance to sip something cold while listening to steamy live jazz acts. The Olive´s claim to fame, though, is a stupefying list of martinis and specialty drinks. From playful creations like the Dean Martini, the Milky Way and the Junkyard Dawg to standard fives like the Cosmopolitan and the Dirty Diva (your standard dirty martini), even the most discriminating palate can find a sassy inebriant here. Non-vodka fans can choose from an impressive list of beer or wine, or they can order up something fun like the Olive´s signature shot, the Sexual Alligator. 300 Central Ave., St. Petersburg

Tolstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre (BDT)

They are always interesting, performing the same classic plays in a way you can´t recognize it. When they perform in Moscow, you won´t find a ticket – all the people want to find out what BDT invented this time.
Naberezhnaya Reki Fontanki 65

Youth Theatre on the Fontanka

Little and most popular theatre in Peterburg. Regular shows and different festivals, like summer open-air StereoLeto some concerts of the Early Music Festival.
Naberezhnaya Reki Fontanki, 114